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Allegheny County, Let's Do Lunch!

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With restaurants and grocery stores on nearly every corner, it’s hard to imagine people going hungry. But it happens, especially with older adults. Seniors who stay in their own homes often find it hard to get or prepare nutritious meals. United Way and a collaborative of 7 organizations making up the local Meals on Wheels program combat this challenge with the scheduled delivery of nutritious meals, along with a safety check and a friendly visit from a volunteer! Many of our 'customers' qualify for help with meal costs from the government. Some do not.

You can help us continue this important service to seniors. Even $35 can "turn the gears" that allows the Meals on Wheels collaborative to continue to provide seniors with daily safety checks and food delivery. Here are some of the projects you fund by donating to Allegheny County, Let's Do Lunch.  

$35 will...

  • Provide 5 meals for a senior without resources  
  • Contribute to a fund for replacement of vehicles and kitchen equipment
  • Support the safety checks needed to keep seniors safe and independent in their homes
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