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Memorial Fund In Loving Memory of Dan Rooney

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With the rest of his home town and people from across the world, we celebrate the life of Dan Rooney --- a life well lived. 

Always caring about other people, Dan inspired others to care and give back. While best known for being a leader of the Rooney Family, the Steelers, the NFL, and a United States Ambassador, Dan was also an outstanding leader of many charitable efforts to help local children and struggling families. 

In 2015, our local United Way honored Dan and his wife Patricia as "Titans of Philanthropy". The honor was bestowed on Dan and Pat for a lifetime of caring and sharing. As a leader, he inspired local leaders and citizens to work together to help in both compassionate and intelligent ways. 

Dan led our United Way as board chair in 1989 and 1990.   He later became a leader of the United Way of America Board of Directors.  Dan was a leader in forging the lasting partnership of United Way and the NFL, which has helped to drive awareness and understanding of our good work for many decades.  As owner, Dan was a fervent supporter, always thinking of ways that the Steelers and Steeler Nation could help people in need through United Way. His legacy lives on as Dan has inspired his family to continue the philanthropic leadership. Dan's son Art II, chaired our local United Way board from 2008 to 2013. 

We are so grateful and appreciative to have been part of Dan's life.

 At the request of his family, we have set up this special fund in loving memory of Dan. 


Bob Nelkin

President, United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Jack Barbour

Board Chair, United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania


In lieu of an online donation, checks can be mailed to United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, PO Box 640716, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-0716

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Memorial Fund In Loving Memory of Dan Rooney