Pittsburgh Magazine's Give A Vet A Lift Campaign

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Leaving their homes and loved ones to serve our country, veterans make tremendous sacrifices. Often when they return home, they face immense challenges. We want to support female veterans who have done so much for us as they work to rebuild their lives.

Judy, a US Marine Corp veteran, was diagnosed with Post Traumatic War Syndrome caused by psychological stress due to her deployment in an active combat zone. She returned to Pittsburgh sick, homeless, jobless and hoping to rebuild her life.

A United Way-supported agency that serves veterans helped Judy find housing and a job, and United Way’s Veterans Transportation Assistance Campaign gave her a bus pass. “That bus pass got me out of a financial bind,” she says. “I didn’t have my own transportation or money for bus fare. Having that bus pass meant I didn’t have to choose between getting to work and buying groceries until I got back on my feet again. Without it, I might not have lasted at that job.”

Every $90 raised provides a month of bus transportation to help a female veteran get to job interviews and find housing. Help Pittsburgh Magazine provide 50 female veterans with transportation. Together we can serve those who have served us. 

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Pittsburgh Magazine's Give A Vet A Lift Campaign