Supporting Veterans with Disabilities

Veterans fought for our freedom. So isn’t it time someone helps fight for their financial independence? That’s what this is all about—giving veterans with disabilities the tools and resources they need for gainful employment. Employment that leads to dignity and financial independence. With this effort, $1,000 will provide 2 veterans with disabilities with a full range of tools and resources designed around job search and stability and financial independence.

We all salute our veterans who risk their lives for our liberty. But it’s time to put your money where your heart is. There are veterans with disabilities here in our community who need our help. They have a disability, but they want to work and want to be financially independent. My fundraiser is designed to do just that. $500 helps a veteran access tools and resources that will help them find a job, keep and job and maintain their financial independence. Join me. And recruit your friends and family to do the same. Share this on your favorite social media platform. Links are to the right.


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Supporting Veterans with Disabilities