The Residents of Midtown Towers

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Pittsburghers are known for helping their neighbors in crises. Now you can, too. 

Early in the morning of May 15, a fire broke out in Midtown Towers --- a handsome and historic apartment building in the heart of the Pittsburgh Cultural District where an eclectic collection of people call home. 

The residents of Midtown Towers are primarily the elderly, students, the disabled, artists and immigrants. One person died in the fire and more than 90 others were displaced. Everyone suffered some form of loss. The management has provided temporary housing, but these people will not be able to return home until 2018. 

Every $25 you donate helps a displaced resident buy food, medication, an item of clothing, pay an outstanding bill or even save toward new furniture. So please give now and thanks!

Watch the Midtown Towers video, here!

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The Residents of Midtown Towers