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“Ryan worked hard to spread the important #21andAblePA message, ‘a job is much more than a paycheck.’ Don't see the disability - see the dedicated, industrious, committed, talented, passionate worker.” – Colleen Cenk

Ryan wanted to work, and he wanted to make sure all young adults had the opportunity to work too.  Ryan was a key spokesperson for United Way on employment, using his charm and his tremendous humor educating, especially, business leaders and legislators. He served on panels for 21 and Able promoting the employment of people with disabilities with local, statewide and national audiences. 

Ryan was one of the first advocates to share his #IWantToWork message and to encourage others to do the same on social media, and he was a key supporter of the campaign. He was one of the first young adults who became employed during the pilot phase of the Career Transition Project. His positive outlook and life's mission to help others will be sorely missed. 

United Way is grateful to Ryan for his years of dedicated volunteerism and his passion to ensure support for young adults who want to work to have that opportunity.

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The Ryan Cenk Legacy Fund