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When a crisis occurs - the loss of a job, death of a spouse, divorce or illness - women often need additional support to help her overcome immediate financial crisis and start on a path to regain financial stability. United for Women is helping hundreds of local women by being a bridge from something awful to something better. Join us so we can do more.

Jan Martin was devastated when her fiancé moved out of their apartment and left her with a stack of unpaid rent and utility bills. She’d gone to college and worked almost all of her adult life, despite a spinal cord injury that’s confined her to a wheelchair. But she’d become financially dependent on her fiancé since health issues forced her to resign from her job. After he left, she was facing eviction and couldn’t afford groceries. Thanks to the assistance she received from a program funded by United for Women, Jan’s now current with her bills and has moved to a smaller apartment she can afford. “It was such a shock to realize I could be homeless,” she says. “I never thought that could happen to me.”

If just 10 people donate $25 each, we will be able to make a huge impact!

For every $250 we raise, you can help other women like Jan. $250 can:

  • Provide short-term transportation assistance to help 2 women get to job interviews, find housing, and get back on their feet
  • Help a financially vulnerable woman avoid homelessness and find stable housing
  • Help a woman fleeing domestic violence secure safe housing
  • Connect a woman with tools and resources to help her establish financial independence.
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