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Women’s Leadership Council Helping Women In Crisis

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When a crisis occurs for a woman - the loss of a job, death of a spouse, divorce or illness – it can have cascading effects on their children, families and the strength of our community.   Safe housing, access to food, healthcare, education and more can become a challenge that is difficult to overcome. 

You can be the difference for local women in need in our community by giving to  a special initiative called United For Women, created by our Women’s Leadership Council.  Be part of our community of women who are bringing hope to other local women  by helping them to regain financial stability after a crisis. 

If every member of The Women’s Leadership Council gave $50 to this campaign, we would:

  • Empower 360 additional women to gain  financial skills and resources to prevent crisis
  • Ensure 85 additional women (and their families) avoid  homelessness
  • Enable 30 additional women to increase their level of employment through career counseling, mentoring and more.
  • By making your pledge here today you are giving a woman in crisis a brighter tomorrow.

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